Oscar Mattern

I have been actively involved in providing development support to other companies. As part of organizing my resume, I tried to visually represent myself in a more "DX-like" manner by renewing my website. In the future, I plan to utilize my expertise and skills not only for myself but also in public settings.

First of all, check "My history" page. You can understand my background and skills


At the age of 8, I first encountered a computer at my father's company, and nearly 50 years have passed since then. From that point on, I became interested in creating game programs and designing animations for those games. Initially, I aspired to learn animation techniques, but I soon realized that I lacked natural talent in that area. So, I changed my focus and joined an information processing specialized development company in 1991. Starting work was not an easy task for me, and I faced numerous failures along the way. However, I take pride in the fact that I persevered in development, and now I enjoy my work with a sense of gaming, blending it as both a hobby and a source of fulfillment. Moving forward, I intend to continue enjoying my work as a playground for my passions..

Jun Takeshita

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I freely express myself on social media. If you have any personal interest, I would be grateful if you could follow me.

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